Scotland, South-West England, North-East England, Ireland
Competitive rates of commission + excellent distributor support
08 May 2019
05 Jun 2019
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Competitive rates of commission + excellent distributor support

Our client continues to believe in the Independent Jewellery sector, despite distribution apparently becoming ever tighter, because their particular product range enjoys enduring consumer appeal. Their specific genre of merchandise will be well-received by High Street Jewellers who may have been frustrated of late by its relative lack of availability.

For this reason, they are keen to harness the talents of a number of knowledgeable and committed trade-networked sales professionals. Their proposition will most certainly appeal to individuals already established in the world of freelance field sales.

Our client will be pleased to be introduced to well-recognised watch and jewellery trade aware Sales Agents with experience developing new accounts and helping recognised names to achieve their full market potential.

The merchandise to be distributed is emerging and distinctive, and there are few other market participants as committed to and focused on new distribution as they are.

This business recognises the importance of giving maximum support to customer-facing sales professionals, through the provision of comprehensive trade samples and, of course, all the necessary brand POS materials.

Collections that are already sold in volume internationally will benefit from good advertising support in the UK and Ireland, and retailers will welcome the additional kudos of ‘exclusivity’ within their trading vicinity.

Our client has moved their team-working ethos to the next level, and as far as head office reporting and control is concerned, your brand leader’s mission is to help support and grow your regional turnover, to maximise the development success that can collectively be achieved.

Experience such as yours has already made - and will continue to make - a positive difference, and our client is keen to be as supportive as commercially viable with regard to your commercial travelling endeavours.

So why wait? Your buyers expect novelty and difference from your regular store visits, with head-turning brands that you are proud to recommend… This opportunity, therefore, is not to be missed.

Each very special agent will be allocated a territory number by their market principal, and 007 is still up for grabs! Register your interest with “M” – (JOLYON) MARSHALL – who will contact you in his usual confidential manner.