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Salary commensurate with experience PLUS

financial recognition for long service and contribution


New Bond Street, LONDON W1


Positioned as an International Leader within their pre-owned specialism, our client is recognised both in the UK and internationally as one of our trade’s most visionary advocates of the enduring value of luxury brands. In tandem with the rapid growth of this business’s reach and reputation, its passion for improving the visibility of their unique offering and investment, both in the showroom and online, has continued unabated.


Now, 25 years on, they occupy a prestigious Mayfair store location, and their highly authentic and traditional customer service values attract great purchaser acclaim. Discerning clientele from across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia recognise their procurement prowess, and conduct their transactions either as personal shoppers by appointment only, or through their highly-reputed website.


For many businesses, “progress” involves a rush towards simplification and de-personalisation, offering the lowest tolerable level of customer service. This client could never countenance such a strategy.


There is a growing appreciation now for old-fashioned customer service: allocating time, resource and expertise to delivering exactly what each individual most desires. Our client firmly believes that the presentation process should be well-focused and specific to each client purchasing need; customer visits are very frequently pre-arranged and qualified, to ensure that the time invested in-store is as mutually beneficial as possible.


Your selling skills may possibly have been formed within the watch and jewellery trade, whether at Sales Consultant or Supervisor or Retail Manager level, and experience of working with major watch brands and jewellery would of course be helpful.


Nevertheless, the most important factor in the selection process will be your attitude to learning and your commitment to previous employers, which should amply demonstrate your performance consistency and ability to apply yourself to the sales profession you have chosen.


Our client will offer training to those currently outside the industry with a similar work ethic and track record, although it will undoubtedly be a steep learning curve.


In this role, you will be tasked with showcasing fine watches and ready-made jewellery items, with a view to gaining client purchasing commitment, as well as inspiring confidence to utilise the business’s sourcing expertise again in the future.


When it comes to other in-store activities, you perform every task diligently, be it maintaining showroom standards, performing sales-related and stock-related administration, or offering colleagues support as and when required. You are a clear and concise communicator, who is constantly thirsty for horological and gemmological industry learning. Your own personal presentation standards reflect your recognition of the privilege of moving among such elevated circles of merchandise and clientele.


In common with all your colleagues on the premises, you are highly conscious of security, respectful of merchandise at all times, and keen to process sales wherever the lead first arises - and once the transaction is complete, ensuring safe onward delivery to the happy purchaser.


If your performance is satisfactory in the long term, it will be rewarded by various means and also by the flourishing of your own trade reputation, through your successful association with this prestigious employer.


For you, the chance to join an established dealer in unworn, pre-owned, vintage and luxury watches and jewellery represents a “jackpot” career opportunity not to be missed! So don’t delay – apply today!

Salary commensurate with experience PLUS financial recognition for long service and contribution


London, UK

Published on 29 Nov 2019