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Based accessible to Southern/Eastern M25, with easy access to Airports

(London Gatwick/London Stansted) and Ports (Dover, Portsmouth and more)

Competitive salary + company car + profit share opportunity



Time Products (UK) Limited is recognised as Britain’s Number One watch distribution business, and arguably the most successful blue-chip brand owner operating within this market. SEKONDA and SEKSY enjoy best seller status the world over, and expansion outside the domestic market has been rapid and exemplary.

Alongside their UK Sales Support team, our client has developed a specialist squad specifically to service the Travel Retail sector, with particular focus on stores at Airports, Ferry/Cruise lines, and Border crossings.

This role calls for even greater personal flexibility than is required for a standard national retail support placement, simply because the relevant retail points of sale and their dedicated staff occasionally need to be accessed outside the typical working day.

It is also possible that this territory could be extended beyond simply the current Southern UK points of sale, and that your developing expertise could before too long be in demand in emerging overseas sales territories. Consequently, holding a British or European passport could be beneficial, and although fluency in a second language (e.g. Spanish) is by no means essential, it could be an advantage.

You may currently be working as a watch merchandiser and looking to develop your capability above and beyond the norm, or perhaps you are an ambitious retail jeweller with a good level of VM/staff training experience, now ready to break free from the confines of a bricks and mortar operation.

Day-to-day your responsibilities will include checking the non-negotiable in-store metrics: stands merchandised according to the relevant planogram, pristine displays with the correct stock allocation ready to sell out, to name but a few.

You have always motivated others within your working environment, and this role will be no different. You are dedicated to motivating and training staff, whether retail or crew, to become ever more cognisant of the importance of effective merchandising and maintenance of SEKONDA point-of-sale. You also understand the importance of training all relevant personnel in the best sales techniques, the key points of brand virtue and consumer appeal, and helping to familiarise them with the technical terminology that is frequently useful to clients during the sales process.

As alluded to earlier, you will be expected to plan ahead and organise yourself efficiently so as to be available when our client personnel are on site; for this you will need to arrange your own security passes in advance, to take maximum advantage of everyone’s precious time.

Reporting to a Business Support Manager, you will complete detailed reports and ensure all information is provided to Head Office for senior review within predetermined timescales, as well as providing detailed future journey plans.

Your future employers invest constantly in advertising, featuring the brands on terrestrial television as well as marketing directly to consumers through targeted trade marketing initiatives. Your re-sellers always need to know what’s coming next, as well as what’s current, so that they can be prepared to capitalize on nationally-promoted lines in order to enhance sales.

Range changes must always be anticipated and planned for; you will be attentive to the removal of de-listed lines and the availability of appropriate new graphics and descriptive plaques for display.

On occasion, such as for new product launches or first time national account listings, you will be expected to assist with ad-hoc merchandising projects in Key Accounts not normally within your remit; happily, however, you are a team player, and for the sake of the greater commercial good you are always willing to help.

This role is expected to develop into a really good first career step within Time Products (UK) Limited. Internally there are many examples of individuals who have enjoyed genuine and unparalleled career advancement, after putting in the appropriate early commitment.


To book your ticket to a first shortlist interview, please express your CV to the team here at The Old Calf Barn: your first destination yes, but hopefully not your last!

Competitive salary + company car + profit share opportunity


England, UK

Published on 25 Jul 2019