Catherine Jones of Cambridge

Catherine Jones of Cambridge


About Us - Our History

Catherine Jones of Cambridge - distinctive, individual, modern jewellery.

Cambridge since 1963.  Worldwide since 2007.
Original, independent, best.
Family-owned for three generations. 

The business started in a moment of brilliant insight in the early 1960s when Catherine couldn't find an interesting pair of earrings to wear to a Cambridge College ball. 'If I can't find any,' she thought, 'then no-one else can.'

Our jewellery is distinctive, interesting and made with the supreme workmanship of the creative goldsmiths and silversmiths we choose to work with and who constantly surprise with their designs and ingenuity.

Service to customers is a joy and a pleasure. We take time to find exactly the right piece of jewellery to mark a moment - a birth or a birthday, an engagement, a wedding or a wedding day, an anniversary or a festival like Christmas or Easter. And just because' gifts. Then there are pieces to mark a memory, or to celebrate a life.
We are proud to count as friends many families who return generation after generation. A cherished privilege.

Our logo is the Tudor Rose emblem marking the family's history in Cambridge, traced back to the 1500s when Queen Elizabeth I was on the throne. 


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