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How retailers are attracting and retaining tech talent

In a competitive market, what can retailers and fashion businesses do to recruit and nurture the next generation of talented technology professionals?
Written on 8/2/19

The value of a strong technology team in retail is difficult to overstate. As customers move online, retailers and fashion businesses must ensure they are on top tech form to stay competitive in the modern business landscape – and the foundations of that come from a talented tech team.

The skills of data scientists, code engineers and UX (user experience) specialists are in high demand across industries as diverse – and high-paying – as banking, financial services and manufacturing. Retailers face stiff competition when it comes to attracting and retaining the best of the best.

However, as the desires of a young workforce shift, the fashion industry can provide a platform for ambitious tech specialists seeking to work on projects with immediate, tangible and far-reaching impacts.

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