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The new roles in fashion retail

As seismic shifts and constant changes in the retail environment continue, Drapers explores what new roles should be on retailer’s hit lists to ensure future success.
Written on 8/2/19

The retail workforce is radically different from five years ago. Fashion businesses today recruit for skills in ecommerce, social, data and analytics in a bid to keep up with changing customer behaviour and expectations, as well as their competitors.

In 2016, global online sales accounted for 17% of total retail sales, and Planet Retail RNG forecasts this will increase to 29% of total spend by 2020. The rise of online shopping will continue to change the industry and retail roles must change with it. As shoppers increasingly turn to clicks rather than bricks for their transactions, what are the implications for staff in warehouses, head offices and in stores? Drapers asks recruitment experts how retail roles are changing and what skill sets the next generation of retail talent need to have to stay ahead.

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